Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineering Study Program/D3

Competence of Graduates

The graduates are capable of:

  • Assisting in planning and calculating the isntallation system for refrigeration and air conditioning,
  • Coordinating and supervising staff to install refrigeration and air conditioning system,
  • Operating, maintaining, diagnosing, and repairing refrigeration and air conditioning system in industries,
  • Supervising the production process of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment,
  • Adapting and modifying the system to conserve energy using advantage technology.


  • ACTC CO2 System
  • Refrigeration Mechanical Laboratory
  • Air conditioning Mechanical Laboratory
  • Basic refrigeration Laboratory
  • Air Conditioning Laboratory
  • RHVAC Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Library


  • Application of Hydrocarbon Refrigerant on Cooling refrigation and Air Conditioning Engineering System
  • Application of Alternative Refrigerant CO2 in Cooling System
  • Design and Assembly of Stirling System
  • Design and Assembly of Commercial Mini Freezer
  • Testing Device for Refrigerant R-12 PIB (Hydrocarbon)
  • Alarm Unit for Refrigerant System Using HC Refrigerant
  • Psychometric Software
  • PLC for RHVAC

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