Manufacture Process Engineering Study Program (Bachelor/D4)

Competence of Graduates

The graduates of Manufacture Process Engineering Study Program have the ability to design, control manufacturing process, forming, fabrication, joining, welding and finishing process and able to design production system.



Facilities for the learning process consist of classrooms, libraries and workshops or Laboratories.  The workshops or laboratories are laboratory for Material Testing, Conventional  Machining Process, Fabrication, CNC, Metrology, Fluid and Thermal, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Control, Basic Mechanical  Maintenance, Design (CAD and CAE), ACTC Welding Center, ACTC Automation, ACTC Design.


Student Activities

To apply and development science and technology, the students are allowed to have extra curricula  activities. The students of Manufacturing Process Engineering Study Program  and other Study Program  may design and produce Gokart, Robotic and Electrical Vehicles for participating various competitions.

The graduates are employed in industries such as manufacture, automotive, textile, oil and gas, petrochemicals, construction design, aviation, service, electronic, contractor (engineering staff) and become the lectures/instructors at higher education institutions. They  have good jobs and positions in various companies with good reputation such as PT Garuda Indonesia, PT Caltex Indonesia, PT Pertamina, Schlumberger, BPPT, PT PINDAD, Indonesia Power, ect.

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