Aeronautical Engineering Study Program (AESP)/ D3

Competence of Graduates

Aeronautics Engineering Study Program teaching learning process is conducted based on AMTO 147 standard. The AESP Graduates are good in aircraft maintenance, especially in airframe and power-plants. They can also work at automotive, electronic, and industrial machinery industries and many other related industries, because its curriculum incorporates most of Mechanical Engineering Study Program (MESP).



In addition to the MESP facilities, AESP has spesific facilities such as Aircraft & Power-plant Laboratory, Aerodynamics (Wind-Tunnel) Laboratory, Basic Electric and Digital Electronic Instrumentation System Laboratory and Composite Laboratory, etc. These are the spesific facilities (shops) required to support the AESP learning process, especially in aircraft maintenance engineering.

Student Activities

To develop and apply the science and technology obtained from lecturing, AESP student  conducts  extra curricula activities in the aeronautic enginnering such as aero modelling and flying robotic.

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