Energy Conversion Engineering Study Program/D3

Competence of Graduates

The graduates of Energy Conversion Engineering Study Program are good at electicity power plant engineering and energy audit. They are capable of:

  • Working in line with standard operation procedure (SOP) of energy system (power source generator, transmission, distribution including utilization),
  • Applying energy machinery (electrical, thermal and fluid) within energy system.
  • Planning and handling maintenance and repairing energy system equipment,
  • Auditing energy system corresponding to energy conservation, and
  • Have envirnment awareness and entrepreneurial spirits.


  • Thermal Power Laboratory
  • Hydro Power Laboratory
  • Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Instrumentation and Energy Conctrol Laboratory
  • Electrical Energy Conversion Engineering Laboratory
  • High Voltage and Distribution Engineering Laboratory
  • Energy Audit Laboratory


  • Frequency Control toward Load Changes in Micro Hydro Power Plant
  • Renewable Energy (Wind, Hydro, Solar)
  • Calculation of Main Cost of Electrical Energy Production
  • Thermal Power Plant (Gas, Coal)
  • Hydrom Pump

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