Electrical Power Plant System Technology Study Program /D4

Competence of Graduates

Graduates of Electrical Power Plant System Technology Study are expected to have competency profiles as follows:

  • Have to honesty, independent npersonality, dedication and full responsibility on the profession
  • Have managerial skills, enviromental friendliness and spirit of enterpreneurship
  • Able to communicate via engineering drawings in accordance with applocable standard
  • Able to operate and maintain plant systems
  • Capable of using and choosing machines (electical, thermal and fluid) in accordance with needs
  • Able to make a detailed design of a power plant
  • Able to make an assessment (review) power plant design
  • Able to plan and carry out construction/installation of power plant or its parts
  • Capable of commissioning the power plant or its parts.


  • Active Compensator Fabrication Technology and its implications for the Auto Powr Records
  • Harmonic Implications of the Structure of Electricity Distribution Costs
  • Optimazation of Injection Pressure in Dissel Engine Using Biodiesel Fuel Flint
  • Utilization Hidram Pumps for Water Supply in Desa Tanjung Surian, Kab. Sumedang
  • Making Milkinng (cow’s milk squeezer machine)
  • Evaluation of Frequency Control in Micro-hydro Systems
  • Preparation of Hybrid Control of Wind, Micro-Hydro & Solar Power
  • A Design of Rotary Type Tea Dryers Using Radiant Oil Heating Furnace
  • Potencial Production of CH4 Gas Municipal Waste Mixed with Animal Waste in Anaerobic Degradation
  • Design an Develoent of DC Power Supply Devices Using Photovoltaic Solar Source for Vehicle Tracking System on Ships


  1. Thermal energy Systems Laboratory
  • Steam Power Plant: boiler, superheater, steam turbine, generator, instrumnetation & control systems, nozzle thermal insulation test and ejector test
  • Diesel Power Plant competed with the isntrumentations, control, PLN Sync and personal use
  • EngineTest (petrol engines and diesel engines)
  1. Hydro Energy Plant Laboratory
  • Hydroelectric Power (Francis Turbine and Kaplan turbines) and facilities in sync with the PLN
  • Pump Te Rig
  • Fan Test Set
  • Piping
  1. Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory
  • Wind Turbine
  • Solar cell module, solar heater
  • Micro-hydro
  • Biodigeser
  1. Instrumentation and Energy Conctrol
  • Electrical and mechanical measuring equipment
  • Instrumentation d control systems: analog, digital and PLC
  1. Electrical Energy Conversion Engineering Laboratory
  • Electrical mechines: DC generators and AC motors, transformers
  • Power Electronic: rectifiers, AC-regulators, DC-chopper and inenter
  1. High Voltage Engineering and Distribution Laboratory
  • Equipment testing of high voltage AC and DC
  • High voltage test equipment impulse
  • Partial discharge
  1. Energy Audit Laboratory
  • Electrical energy audit tools (i.e.: Ppower Analyser)
  • Lighting Audit tools (i.e. Luxmeter)
  • Energy-saving equipment
  • Alternative power plants (solar,wind, microhydro,etc.)

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