Civil Construction Study Program/D3

Hydraulic Structure Facility

This Program concentrate on the development of hydraulic structures such as planning, supervising, and the implementation of hydraulic structure construction, planning skills construction of road and bridge structures.


Competency of Graduates

The graduates are capable of:

  • Providing assistance in planning, interpretation and preparation, modifying specification and technical drawing, preparing estimation, supervising part/phase of main project.
  • Conducting tests, making prototype, troubleshooting for problems encountered during production or construction, data compilation and reporting.
  • Supervising phase/part of construction work, observing project construction, conducting tests, surveys, preparing calculations for construction activities.
  • Installing, calibrating, conducting maintenance, supervising installation or production equipment repairs.
  • Supporting operational works, including operational and activity supervision such as quality and production control.
  • Supporting works in labs such as conducting tests, experiments or using complex equipment to support research and development, quality and academic control.

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