Clean Production of Chemical Engineering Study/ D4

Competences of Graduates

With a curriculum designed in accordance with the field of Chemical Engineering and focuses on practical aspects, the DIV graduates of Unpollued Production of Chemical Engineering will have the following competencies:

  • Able to identify and substitute chemicals process materials that can potetially produce pollution,
  • Able to operate and maintain process equipment to minimize the occurence of pollution,
  • Able to evaluate and analyze the performance of a process equipment and technical aspects of economic and environmental,
  • Able to increase production efficiency by way of conducting operations with the principles of unpolluted production techniques,
  • Able to handle waste based on 3R concept,
  • Able to design unpolluted technologybased production equipment and waste handling systems,
  • Able to conduct managerial supervision and communicate well in Indonesian language and English


  • Unit Process Laboratory
  • Analytical Instruments Laboratory
  • Bioprocess Laboratory
  • Corrosion Prevention Engineering Laboratory
  • Instrumentation and Measurement Laboratory
  • Pilot Plant Laboratory
  • Maintenance Engineering Laboratory
  • Water Treatment and Industrial Waste Laboratory

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